Improving your body must have been one of your New Years resolutions. Our body is our most important asset and tool, and being in a good shape should be one of the primary priorities. And since every aspect of life is slowly but surely going to apps, this aspect isn’t the exception. Being just a tap away from your coach and a meal/workout plan is so amazing. What a time to be alive!

My good friend is a fitness coach with a lot of success and having many clients at the same time, started to be exhausting. One, he is…


We all love traveling, don’t we? It is summertime, the perfect time to plan your next memorable trip, and since we are in 2019. you are most likely to use an app to help you find the best prices and locations. Being in that situation currently, I decided to make a complete app for my favorite flight search website — Megabon.

Quick analysis

In the aero industry, there are many big names. They invest a lot of money on their websites and apps, and they are really good in some terms. But there are problems which I wanted to try to solve…

All designers know the importance of fonts in their design. They could either make or break design completely. And that’s why it can be a big struggle to find the perfect one for your design. Here is the quick list of fonts that I have used over these four years in design and that got me the best results.

1. Bill Corporate Narrow

2. Gilroy

My high school is finally over and having a ton of free time currently I decided to do a complete overhaul of one of my favorite and most used websites, the Serbian version of Craigslist, Kupujem Prodajem.

Making it look better wasn’t really the hardest of tasks, it looks pretty bad. The team behind it obviously think that usability is way more important than looks, so they barely put any design behind it.

Nikola Tripković

UI UX Designer and Owner of Nauči Dizajn online learning platform.

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