Serbian Craigslist Redesign Mini Case Study

My high school is finally over and having a ton of free time currently I decided to do a complete overhaul of one of my favorite and most used websites, the Serbian version of Craigslist, Kupujem Prodajem.

Making it look better wasn’t really the hardest of tasks, it looks pretty bad. The team behind it obviously think that usability is way more important than looks, so they barely put any design behind it.

As always when doing a redesign, we need to have a look at what problems current design has and how do we solve them. In my opinion, there are a lot of problems with the current design, however, the organization might be the biggest one.

There is a ton of unused space, but the center is absolutely crowded with stuff, it is so hard to track what is going on down there. Therefore my job was to create much cleaner space but keep the general idea. Also, what I really liked about some case studies to similar projects is to add suggestions on the homepage. It adds much to design and UX.

At the current stage of my career, I don’t find sketching on paper very useful and practical, so I will not provide any. I find tweaking in the program itself much more fun and practical. So, without any further hesitation, here is the final result.

So, guys, that’s it for this mini-redesign. I hope that you liked it. It is my first redesign and case study so I’m open for all pieces of advice and critics. If you want to get in touch, you can email me at

UI UX Designer and Owner of Nauči Dizajn online learning platform.

UI UX Designer and Owner of Nauči Dizajn online learning platform.